Innovative Technology

PHET® focuses on research, development, manufacturing and selling of C-LiFePO4 battery cells and packs. PHET® C-LiFePO4 batteries are made with innovative cathode materials and are fully automated mass produced. It is generally known as the most outstanding and safest eco-friendly energy storage battery, suitable for various products on the market.

The exclusively patented battery protection system is composed of the DOSBAS® fault-tolerant safety system and the DOBPCS® charging balance system. The DOSBAS® fault-tolerant safety system will isolate damaged battery cells by applying a fuse-circuit so that it prevents the whole battery pack from catching fire and exploding and keeps the battery pack working. Only damaged parts need to be replaced and it is not necessary to replace the whole battery set when doing maintenance.

The DOBPCS® charging balance system will keep the balance among cells after a long running time. Fresh cells can automatically match with old cells after maintenance and there is no impact on the performance of the whole battery set. This system can be applied to all kinds of equipment, from small battery sets used for electric tools to large battery sets used in electric vehicles and energy storage devices.

PHET® took the lead in making the breakthrough in high current and power charge/discharge technologies which have been applied on products that need those features. At the same time, PHET® also cooperates with global enterprises to develop new products with its leading battery manufacturing technologies and provides batteries with stable quality and competitive prices to meet the demands of various product applications.

From small battery cells to large battery systems, the application has been spread in the electric vehicles, energy storage devices, and special devices markets. In addition, to improve the function of high current and high power discharge, the product type will also be developed in diverse and customized ways on the basis of existing products to meet market demands. The function of C-LiFePO4 batteries will ultimately become an indispensable product for the market.