Management Philosophy

Pihsiang Energy Technology in particular focuses on "Technology & Innovation", which is based on vertical integration and collective innovation models, to provide “Total Solution” services, including Single Cells (CELL), Battery Modules (DOSBAS® PACK), Battery Management Systems (BMS), Charging Systems (DOSBAS® Charging System) and Mechatronics Systems to its clients.

Pihsiang Energy Technology products have established excellent brand image and popularity in the field of new-energy power batteries. We offer leading R&D abilities and integrated solutions and have a wide range of clientele in the sectors of battery electric vehicles, plug-in hybrid electric vehicles, E-buses, solar/ wind electric generation storage systems, spare power systems for communication equipment and batteries for military equipment.

Pihsiang is well aware of the energy crisis and environmental pollution problems that currently  threaten humankind's survival and believes that the new-energy industry is emerging as a new star market worth trillions of dollars. As a result, we make use of state of the art development and our solid business layout to provide battery schemes for three main fields: "electric vehicles", "energy storage power stations"  and "solar power stations". We aim to promote the well-being of humankind through the use of technology.

The three core values of Pihsiang Energy Technology are: "Green”,"Environment Protection", and "Energy Saving". If you care about global warming, or if you are concerned about decreased income due to the fluctuating oil price, rest assured that Pihsiang Energy Technology is striving for a better future for you.