Long Cycle Life

The cycle life of our PHET® C-LiFePO4 battery can reach more than 2,000 cycles (see diagram below) and the battery capacity is no less than 80% of the initial capacity after a long running time. Compared with other batteries (see chart below), the cycle life of the C-LiFePO4 battery is seven times longer than that of lead acid batteries and approximately three times longer than that of lithium cobalt batteries. Supposed the average life of a lead acid battery is 1-2 years, the life of a C-LiFePO4 battery will be between 8-10 years. With the application of C-LiFePO4 batteries, the frequency of battery replacement and maintenance can be reduced in the long run and because of better efficiency, the overall cost is far lower than with other types of batteries.

C-LiFePO4 battery Lead acid battery Nickel cadmium battery Nickel hydrogen battery Lithium cobalt battery Lithium manganese battery
Cycle Life 300 times 1000 times 500 times 800 times 800 times