PHET® has an eco-friendly battery R&D team and rich technical power storage resources. We are dedicated to improving the performance of power storage batteries and to widen the industrial application of green products. Thus, we pay more attention to every detail of R&D process and automatically mass produce PHET® C-LiFePO4 batteries that don't contain heavy metals. This has been a breakthrough for the lead acid and lithium ion battery technologies. Not only is there no risk of pollution, but battery efficiency and safety are further improved. Stable high-power charge/discharge operations can be carried out at a wide range of working temperatures without the risk of batteries catching fire and exploding due to overheating. The cycle life of the batteries is also greatly improved and costs for battery replacement and maintenance are reduced. The battery is suitable for working conditions in various industries and provides a new green energy solution.

The goal of PHET® is to pursue zero pollution products. We not only offer professional experience and technical support to our clients, but also make an effort to protect our earth.